UFC Vegas 12: Post-fight Press Conference

게시일 2020. 10. 31.
Watch the UFC Vegas 12: Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.
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  • Hall is an inspiration since TUF 17, great fighter even in defeat👏

  • What's up with his yellow sclera? Does he have jaundice?

  • And I just became even more of a fan

  • Uriah is so Smart dude, didn't realize he's so well spoken

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  • Hall's got a big heart and class act.

  • When your fighting one of the very elite to ever do it you see all the legendary nights and fights they had because fighters are the biggest fans so when they fight their greatest ever fighters they get imotional and that's what happened to hall.

  • nice i like Uriah, but come on, what are those questions? next time are we going to talk about if its correct if the are planting soya in Brasil? none of these question were about the fight and the game plan, just pure casual questions.

  • Just shows you what the legend Anderson Silva means to all these fighters. That show of respect by Hall after the TKO says it all.

  • Izzy fight with Anderson was worse dana didn't shit on that as bad

  • Why are you sorry for knocking a drug cheat out!!!!!!!

  • Wow, what a speech. I'm a big fan now! Go get the belt Hall! Someone got to show some respect!

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  • If Uriah let loose, adesanja would completely be destroyed any day

  • Where's the Bryce Mitchell interview??

  • This guy doesn’t have it in him to be champ. Good person. Not a killer

    • @Chef_MMA Or Robert Whittaker?

    • I think hall will be champ after Izzy but the belt will change to many different owners

    • Have u ever heard of a gentleman named Khabib Nurmagomedov?

  • Probably halls last fight in the ufc as well

  • So true what he saysabout the 2/3 wont get it... MMA has massive bogan following which is a shame for the sport, but true Martial artists get it.

  • Terrible fight HALL!!!

  • I love his mentality...Definitely a new fan of Uriah Hall

  • Beautiful respect.

  • Can we please come back to reality... a sub par Uriah beat a nearly 50 year old Anderson. Woohoo.

  • Damn, why can't we have Uriah as the champ?

  • How boh dah

  • Never cared for Silva's style. Second fave moment in UFC history Weidmans KO of him.

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  • Uriah. I do have one criticism you telling people to stay clean and it's easy as that. Little hard to do when people lost their businesses got thrown out of their houses for no reason and our Mayors and governors are doing nothing.. unfortunately life is not this cut and dry

  • Uriah a class act. Hopefully others follow suite on Tuesday but I have my doubts after Philly

  • bro you beat a 40 plus vet no need to smile

  • chill out, Izzy will walk thru you like a cloud of dust

  • "We make stupid people famous." Brilliant!

  • Why they dont even put his name on the video description???

  • WTF? I was watching the Hall/Silva fight up until ESPN decided to run and ad for BLM. I wonder what Dana thought about being part of the promotion of the rioters of BLM? I will be boycotting UFC and ESPN if this continues!

  • GO TO “cageside press” KO-u channel to see the full Bryce interview. Share the interview online.

  • This guy is wasted potential cause of his weak mind and weak attitude. Silva was done long ago, he would’ve ate him alive in his prime.

  • Uriah "Gun Shy" Hall

  • Remember who you are and represent yourself well well said

  • I will always absolutely love Anderson THE SPIDER Silva!

  • Uriah Hall is a real brutha.

  • Silva was saying train your mind cause it’s weak! Not none of this family shit you’re talking about. 🤦🏻‍♂️ way to take things out of context.

  • Who decided to cut out Bryce Mithcel? Censorship ?

  • Chael Sonnen called it in 2013 he said Uriah is going to beat Anderson Silva !!!

  • Bryce Mitchell can keep his dumbass opinions to himself. My grandparents are on oxygen cus of covid. You’re not allowed to make other people sick, end of story. He lost me as a fan.

  • Bryce good for you but you also have to remember the ufc had to have set protocol in order to put on these events so you putting yourself at risk like that is putting your job at risk and potential opponents so idk man you do you I guess

  • Bryce Mitchell has about 11 brain cells.

  • Why are fighters opining on public health? Epidemiologists don't hold forth on heel hooks.

  • Brice Mitchell you are an ignorant, if you dont wear a mask you put on risk others life

  • Who's that first clown? CaRs ArE mOrE dAnGeRoUs ThAn CoRoNa! Lol...probs one of the "guns are not the problem" Americans too

  • Wow that was awesome!!!

  • Can't stand Brice's boring style of fighting but agree with everything he said about Corona , for a company saying " we don't muzzle people " the censoring Brice look's really weird.

  • Let us live at our own risk!!!

  • Gimme the whole Bryce Mitchell rant

  • Oh yeah & Mr Bryce Mitchell BOOM!! Well said 💪👆👍💯

  • Excellent Mr Uriah Hall 🦇 excellent post fight comments 💪👆🙏👍

  • there really isnt an issue with wearing masks... when do you have to? in a store and in public. due to how the virus spreads you have to have masks. and its not even that bad to wear it. people complain like they are suffocating or can't breathe. i do agree people should be able to decide if they open their business or not , i think the government should be helping them more, i think they are handling it terribly and people are suffering because of that. but the mask part of this is a non issue. you can carry the virus and not know it. wearing a mask isn't a big deal. I'm wondering when he would be bothered by it? i have a hard time understanding the people who are. it seems more to me like they don't want to be told they have to do something even if it makes sense.

  • Bryce Mitchell spitting conspiracies......I’m shocked

  • What a shame, I was actually starting to like Mitchell

  • Dude, don´t wear a mask, i don´t care, but stay the hell away from me, moron.

  • Uriah hall is so articulate. I like him more now.

  • First thing I see when this video starts is some joker talking about not wearing masks. Smdh

    • Update: Of course he's from Arkansas

  • We are all feeling the same way brother, thanks for having the balls to speak your views, cook em to the bone!

  • The first guy is 100% correct. F the government and f carona! Biggest bullshit ever

  • Hall would be deadly if he just flip the switch..

  • some fine and wise words

  • Bryce Mitchell is a THUG.

  • Already a huge fan of Bryce Mitchell and now...even more so. Thanks for speaking up Brother!!!

  • Unfortunately the talent of Bryce has given him a platform to talk, and say the things on his mind. He isn't too sharp.

  • Espn censoring the whole interview....pathetic

  • Yeah people like Bryce is why “270” people in Arkansas lost their life. Effecting 1000s of family members, businesses , lives, etc. Smh literally just wear a mask, be sanitary and smart.

  • Uriah Hall threw 11 punches in 2nd round - kick him out of the UFC. HE FIGHTS LIKE A PUSSY

  • This dumb Hicks speaking like a scientist after barely winning against a scrub

  • Because car wrecks aren't infectious 😂🤣 stick to fighting, you're good at it!

  • Hall please shup up. If it feels so bad then don't fight.

  • Bryce Mitchel really trynna sound like donald trump

  • Bryce is the man. Good on ya dude!

  • It really sucks Dana had Anderson’s final fight without fans. He should have waited for fans.

  • Oh wow Bryce Mitchell is also a cientist, a professor, a preacher and a doctor. What a multifaceted man

    • @Anthony A human with a responsability to not encourage unsafe behaviour in prime time during a world pandemic. If he said his opinion about children wearing a Helmet riding a motorcycle IS ridiculous it would be less harmful.

    • Wrong. He’s a human with an opinion.

  • Great speech from Mitchell there well said

  • I lost my job during this pandemic and decided to give KO-u a go and to keep other happy and entertained. Though this hard time . Wish me well 💚🤍🧡

  • If anything, Hall should be grateful the fight wasn’t in Brazil 😂 Don’t think he would have left the country safely

  • Bring back Charlie Ontiveros for another fight after he's recovered. His standup looked awesome before he got taken down against Kevin Holland.

  • Bryce Mitchell is my favourite up an comer

    • Welcome to the donkeys club mate🙏

  • 3:56 camera is focused.

  • Who didn’t know Anderson was washed up and was going to get knocked out ?

  • I could not be more impressed with Bryce people need to start demanding things get back to normal . Corona is a United Nations and globalist planned agenda we can’t let them destroy society.

  • Uriah Hall will never be a champion, ton of skill, moderately well rounded and weakest mind currently in the ufc, such a waste of talent.

  • Wow, Bryce Mitchell might eat more damage in his career than I thought. Straight up garbage.

  • First guy is an idiot if he thinks it’s safe to open up the gyms . I just caught coronavirus and I haven’t been able to enjoy the past week and next week of my life cause I’m isolated from going to the gym everyday sparring . Corona is real and it sucks , if he catches it one day he’ll truly understand .

    • Let people who want to take the risk, take it. I don't argue with people who skydive.

  • 99K people getting sick EVERY DAY and he wants the government out of our life? More deaths in America than anywhere IN THE WORLD and he wants us to be allowed to do whatever we want? If the businesses are losing money...they'd rather do that than lose their lives. It's not a touch choice between death, and the chance to live another day. Sorry.

  • It's chilling that the ufc put this guy on first. I like my ufc without politics. But dam the ufc just came out for trump hard.

  • How come. Many in america find it hard to wear a mask? Seriously its just a piece of cloth over the mouth and nose.

  • Wow bryce mitchell is quite thick... How can you use car wrecks as a comparison to covid 19???

  • Spider, gsp, eagle, bones mma mt Rushmore

    • @n dombsky good one

    • @Midnight Eagle Fedor never failed a drug test; sure he was drinking KGB vitamin water but I still like him.

    • K if not jon then who? Triple c?

    • Bones is automatically DQ'd from GOAT status because he doped- doesn't matter how many wins if it's through cheating.

    • Bones is a steroid user and felon and got his ass beat by Reyes

  • Anderson deserves to be on mmas mt Rushmore

  • Could not imagine having to get into a locked cage with one of my idols growing up congrats to hall very classy

  • What an amazing mom... Who brought up such a great human being...

  • Not the hero we wanted, but the hero we needed.

  • Conor with his trash talking, liquor drinking on set, denigrating opponents antics ruined the honor and respectability of UFC. Now almost every fighter want to be a clown.

  • ko-u.info/losk/bidio/iomDZX1rd3iZhpc