UFC 255: Weigh-in

게시일 2020. 11. 20.
All four fighters competing in title fights at UFC 255 tonight are ready to go and on weight. Watch the whole card weigh in on Friday morning in Las Vegas.
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  • Mike Perry the type fo guy to meet a new girl and let his life fall apart in the name of love. I had a friend like this. Would meet a girl, quit his job and everything!

  • wtf maia looks so big in fight night compare to weigh in like 124.5 to 145

  • 9:31 Cringe

  • Perry misses weight and still loses lmao.

  • Will someone please tell me how to stream ufc fights

  • I don't think any other women will ever defeat valentina Shevchenko again, if she ever face nunes again I'm sure Shevchenko will come out victorious, even in their last fight I thought the decision was a little bias, Nunes didn't cause any harm to her exept for leg kicks but Shevchenko connected some good punches, Shevchenko is the goat and plus she's cute😊

  • Alan Jouban could pass for Nick Diaz with that mask on. Except I don’t think Diaz was ever that cut, even during weight cuts.

  • I love checking out Bullet’s sexy body

  • Mike Perry at 9:13

  • Johnny Hendricks use to fight at welter weight and he walked around between 200 and 215lbs crazy stuff. But he was scared to fight LH or Heavy weights because he was short. Nobody's fault but his own.

  • 25 years ago when I started watching UFC these guys would cut 15 maybe 20 lbs. Now these guys cut 40 lbs that's insane, they need to force guys to fight closer to their natural weight its the safest thing the commission can do to protect these guys from themselves.

  • You can't not make weight and be a clown. Take your job seriously Bro

  • How tf Shogun is #14 ranked, he hasn’t fought in years

  • Whoa shogun is fighting! Nice

  • Antonina, omg ! Yummy.

  • Mike Perry future War Machine

  • Mike Perry on that Big Smoke diet

  • No disrespect but this card should be free.

  • Bring the belt home Alex!

  • Paul Felder sends himself to another fucking dimension making weight on 5 days notice, and the very next week in comes this clown disregarding making the weight for pretty much his whole camp. Don't know much about Tim Means, but he's got a new fan if he beats Perry's ass.

  • Mike Perry, have you ever heard of the tragedy of Darth Koppenhaver

  • They sure take their time weighing the fighters now....waiting for the actual weight💯

  • DUSTIN 🔥🔥🔥🔥🇩🇪

  • valentina shevchenko

  • 00:02 Alex Perez 00:25 Alan Jouban 00:46 Tim Means 01:03 Cynthia Calvillo 01:24 Valentina Shevchenko 01:47 Antonina Shevchenko 02:14 Deiveson Figueiredo 02:36 Jennifer Maia 03:02 Jordan Wright 03:26 Dustin Stoltzfus 03:52 Louis Cosce 04:15 Paul Craig 04:38 Sasha Palatnikov 05:02 Jared Gooden 05:22 Kyle Daukaus 05:45 Mauricio Rua 06:18 Nicolas Dalby 06:44 Brandon Royval 07:08 Brandon Moreno 07:35 Daniel Rodriguez 08:05 Joaquin Buckley 08:48 Katlyn Chookagian 09:15 Mike Perry 09:39 Ariane Lipski

  • For those who came here to see Mike Perry miss weight it's @9:14

  • This guy weighing the scales did great actually watched the bar unlike the guy in Abu Dhabi

  • Love for UFC from 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • Mike "The big ticket" Perry

  • Mike perry doing all this to evade taxes lol

  • Пацаны за Шевченко

  • Perry has issues.

  • How can you people be so complacent about this pandemic hoax.?

  • Take the fking masks off. There is not fking virus. Its fascism!!

  • damn, perry got fat.

  • Is it just me or is the back of the scale guys hair not lined up properly shit was bothering me the whole time.

  • Lets go Ariane 🇧🇷🇵🇱

  • Fight game is hard man

  • Any relationship with Damian?

  • 9:14 mike perry

  • 9:06 first time I’ve heard a weigh-in at 3/4 of a lb

  • I will always watch a fight of his but I’m starting to lose respect for perry like whatever bullshit he’s got going in his personal life.. none of my business idc but at least make fucking weight what made that weigh in worse was that he was eating cheese burgers and ice cream cones days before like it was a joke . Has some respect for your opponent ( that you don’t even have beef with) at least.

  • Mike Perry been disrespecting that Popeyes chicken

  • Perry fuck around and get released after this fight- side note don't he know the dab is like 4-5 yrs ago lol

  • Let's go Shogun!

  • Se ve bien acabado Shogun Rua

  • Is it only me who thinks Jouban looks so much like Christiano Ronaldo?

  • 9:28 I know what ur looking for

  • Where was this weighing in guy for khabib vs Justin lol

  • Misses weight by 4.5lbs and then dabs, shameless. Dana must've been extra pink!

  • The Beverly Hills ninja vs the African black panther lol it’s goona be good

  • All tat talk and that moron took food off his own family’s plate 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • What are those tattoos on Lewis Cosey?

  • When is khamzat?

  • Perry is that type of a guy who eats burgers to make weight.

  • 9:19 is why ur here

  • MIKE PERRY - "Can i have a BURGER and DIET COKE Plz".

  • These tats on Louis Cosce

  • Mike perry dead ass should lose his contract for playing around like this go back to the minor leagues wit that attitude no cap

  • I hate these masks

  • "The assassin baby"? wtf is with these names?

  • Daukus weird body shaped and he lokks exausted

  • And he was eating burgers and icecream hahhaa

  • Brandon "McLovin" Moreno, please stop with the "assassin bs"

  • Once again, notice how thee official balances scale. Unlike middle east mafia

  • Dude is a third of the way to the next weight class, wtf... at least bob arum doesnt allow this shit.

  • Valentina is a bit nervous, here and at the stairdown. Any problem there?

  • Fig looks hungry...

  • The number 1 flyweight isn’t fighting for the title 🤦‍♂️

  • Nearly every fighter is tatted up and most of those tattoos look like trash..

    • @Angelo Caz Don’t forget war machine. He doesn’t have any tattoos.

    • I can only think of a few fighters without tattoos. Henry Cejudo, Khabib, Usman, and Brain Ortega.

  • Who else watching this, thinking this is going to be a good card?

  • Pretty sure Mike is doing a sympathetic pregnancy. "Couvade syndrome"

  • You could have had that cookie at 182

  • Kooooomm sååååå Dalby 🇩🇰 leeeeet's gooo Dalby.

  • my man allan jouban is back🥊🥊🥊🥊

  • Man, Mike Perry was looking real out of shape compared to how he normally looks. Especially on the scale when you're supposed to be looking more shredded from losing weight! He had some tummy fat going on. Unless he wins in the first round I could see him gassing at some point in the second

  • I’m just here to say Izzy is a pussy for dodging Whitaker. Keep the division alive, don’t fight a non-dominant champion...

    • Bobbert didn't want to fight until March.

  • I have been a big fan of Platinum, but this is a terrible look- eating junk then missing weight, talking bout hanging it up?!

  • Bullet!

  • 3:06 .. Why'd i think this was Rory Macdonald ?

  • good luck Valentina for tomorrow fights

    • She certainly needs it fighting another zero-threat tomato can.

  • Why did Buckley weigh in at 182.5? Does he not cut any weight?

  • Dana’s pissed off lol fact but won’t care cause it’s mike lmao

  • Dana should fine Mike Perry 90% of his purse. Guy is a clown. Whole week he was posting him eating burgers and ice cream and he misses weight. Can't stand the clown now.

    • @Subverter Ok

    • @Niho1897 Only soyboys cry about fighters breaking the rules. Which is what you're doing.

    • @Subverter Okay soy boy.

    • @Niho1897 Truly inspiring words coming from someone crying about a prize fighter not weighing in correctly.

    • @Subverter You got some serious issues my fiend, hopefully you get some help before it's too late. Have a good life.

  • Perry is a fucking joke. Used to like him, but he has no discipline and I can’t respect that . He’ll always be an unranked jobber. Guy has a kid on the way and just lost part of his purse .

  • Maia cada día está más bonita esa camarada...

  • And they are wearing their diapers as they're told to do!

  • Mike Perry: Guys, I saved a lot of money by not having a corner! Also Mike Perry: I lost all the money I saved by missing weight...

    • He didnt saved it it was not yet given but he still getting paid

    • Also mike perry when he gets cut from ufc : guys, i saved a lot of money by switching to geico insurance.

  • How dumb can a human being be ??? 9:32 the answer

  • I thought Mike Perry was trying to sucker us into believing he was going to miss weight because he's eating pizza, cheeseburgers and ice cream cones! I'm mad that he wasn't joking!

  • Valentina with no mask; forgot she beat Corona Virus by TKO on the last card, great fight.

  • Haha....Mikey P. almost always disappoints

  • All jokes aside I'm actually worried about Mike Perry. He's gonna end up in jail, dead or in Bellator.

  • Mike Perry is a can.

  • 9:30 mike Perry AND your mind esa leave in 2016

  • I'd love to see figueredo move up to 135. That's looks like a lot of weight cut

  • see you in Bellator mike

  • If a fighter misses weight they should forfeit 70% of their purse. It's the only way to get them to make sure t doesn't happen.

  • Cynthia is cute

  • Fight of the night will be Moreno vs Royval in my opinion. I think royval will take it in a close dogfight