UFC 255: Figueiredo vs Perez - One Goal in Mind | Fight Preview

게시일 2020. 11. 18.
Preview Saturday's UFC 255 main event matchup between flyweight champion Deiveson Figueiredo (19-1) and challenger Alex Perez (24-5). The UFC 255 main card starts at 10pm ET / 7pm PT.
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  • What is the song in this promo? Does anyone know?

  • He is Champion man he is real deal

  • Where can I see ufc 255 for free

  • Fig is the next king of Brazil

  • Not a very exciting card. Ive been watching the UFC since before Dana White ever got there.....and yeah....idk. God bless everybody

  • Daiveson figureido Is goku and walid ismail is krillin

  • Figueiredo is a Savage.. I dont see no one. no one that can just put him away like that.

  • Figueiredo vs The mighty mouse Johnson. Why not confront it with the most dominant For me it would be precision and strength vs style and speed 👌🔥🔥

  • Brazil has the best punchers but ... Mexico has the best hearts and that blood runs in Alex Pérez. it's a good fight the champion is a killer with great t Technique and great talent On the other hand, the challenger is hungry and desires to be the first in the division With latin blood to be champion. I can't wait 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • God of war is champion

  • every person talking trash about this card and saying they're not going to buy the ppv is going to regret it so much, i can't wait for it

  • Love for UFC from 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • Perez saying Garbrant is going down to fight the smaller guys is basically admitting that there is someone stronger than you.

  • Wolf ticket

  • The Flies are on tap💯

  • This is gonna be a good fight.. people are sleeping on this one... Might be fight of the night

  • release spider please.

  • I'd love to see Figgy maniac against Petr Yan👊

  • Beyler Carton Network (CN) cumartesi pazar 16:00 da EJDER COCUK YAYİNDA KACİRMAYİN DERİM

  • Ok but where does Kevin " neck tatu" Lee fit in this?

  • No matter In my opinion war will be win

  • DF is about to KO Perez and serve him sushi right after, Prince style

  • Perez nickname should be Asphyxiate Perez damn those subs just as good as KOs.

  • Bring back Mighty Mouse 👀

  • The God of War was once a barber, true story

  • 弯钩 in mind

  • Alex Perez is lucky as fuck

  • It’s Going to be straight war!

  • Perez can win if he lays down the Mike Tyson Onslaught. Pressure, pressure, pressure.

  • Wasn’t a fan off mma/Ufc until I saw khabib fight Mgregor ... I used the same song khabib used for my 4th professional boxing fight ... that song gives me chills .. on the top of my head I think I can name 5 ufc fighters 😅

  • Hii

  • What a main event. It's going to be explosive.

  • Fegureido is the scariest 5 ft 5 guy I've ever seen.

  • Bring that belt back to the valley baby let’s go 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Figueiredo figures he has this.

  • If he dies, he dies

  • why dont ufc organization recruit fighters from all over the world afterall it helps to more popularize ufc organization all over the world in an easy way ! they should have open their sub branches all over the world✅which will make ufc a non defeatable no 1fighting org as well as business org .we want easy entry from Nepal .

  • Beautiful video 🌹

  • Figueiredo all the way

  • ✋✋✋ ko-u.info/losk/bidio/m4dnmqiZpqujhWQ

  • fig could wreak havoc in 135 and 125

  • So ufc tries so hard for hyping this match..but see nobody cares...

  • Реrez 💪

  • Alex Perez you have to this for me and my dad you can do this


  • Thats bloody 🔥

  • ouu his nick name is God of war, even the heavy weight division is in trouble with this guy

  • I wanna see dillashaw come back eventually and get his face smashed in by fig lmao

    • @Pero Jo he looked completely drained at the weigh-in

    • Doubt we will see that happen, tj wont drop to 125 lb again.

  • Figueiredo is a psychopath!!

  • Resign Jarred Brooks, he got robbed in his fight vs Figuereido

  • Dana white: Conor will probably fight the winner of this fight.

  • AND STILL 🇧🇷🏆🔥

  • Re-sign John Moraga! Only guy in the division that would give him a problem is a rematch with Fig

  • Most badass nickname in UFC, T'he God of War'. Kratos : I agree with this (Khabib voice).

  • This has fight card of the year writing all over it

  • Isn't this the guy who won sean o'malley? Why is he the champion now?

  • Daveson calling his opponents victims, I love it. I’ve been calling his opponents victims now he’s catching on 😂

    • In portuguese, sometimes he calls his opponents his 'preys' lol

  • Davison is the real deal no doubt about it. His reign will be long and very dominant.

  • Can't wait

  • Awesome!

  • Worst Ppv in ufc history

  • Everyone gangster until khabib enters

    • Different weight, and Stipe is king of the hill.

  • Alex Perez giving off Max Holloway feels? This is one of those fights where I don't want any of these guys to lose.

  • I think garbrandt got cold feet. He’s scared

  • Figueirdo is such a fucking beast, literally murdered Joey b in front of Megan lmao. Dudes got a long reign ahead of himself.

  • looks like neymar lol

  • Word is Figueiredo has the UFC considering changing the Division from 'flyweight' to 'murderhornetweight' . .

  • Bora Deus da Guerra, pra cima

  • Ryan hall should fight for the belt sooner or later

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  • 559 for Perez....LETS GOOO!

  • Hard not to pick Fig, but Perez looked very impressive in his last fight against Formiga(the only guy to beat Fig so far). I can see this being a damn good fight.

    • And Benavidez finished Perez while Davison dominated and finished Benavidez twice. Stop being an idiot with this mma math bs.

    • yeah but thats when he was younger, perez fought a washed formiga

  • Deveison is a Monster mdrr.

  • Both Are Terrible.. I can't wait mdrr (I'm kidding I can wait but I will watch though)

  • 0:24 luckydating4u.online

  • I like this Figuerso guy

  • I met Alex’s aunt at the Walgreens where I work In Vegas and he answered my DM. He said he’s stop by if he wins. Pulling for him to win 💯

  • Rip Perez

  • Fig would murder most of the bantamweights honestly

    • @856 ENT. woops typo

    • @J Mz oh my my.. that would be the baddest fight in UFC history.. both are legit killers with Insane mind and skillsets 👍

    • I heard Fig weighs 165 while he is not training that is sick weight cut for fly weight fighter

    • @J Mz fig would murder yan in the first round

    • @Raihan Baid Fig is very big for Flyweight, has a solid chin, and a lot of power. He also has very good standup and jiu jitsu. I’d favor him against many bantamweights

  • ⚠️ Warning Dont Touch Me

  • ko-u.info/losk/bidio/pIBinaCGi36qd58

  • Song please

  • 0:21 luckydating4u.online

  • Great fighters! Champs

  • Criminally underrate card


  • Figueiredo bouta destroy this guy. His timing, aggression, accuracy, and power is too much. I wanna see him at the next weight class up

  • Good Bye Perez, Figueiredo is going to hunt you

  • Figuerdo is gonna stay a champ for a long time and so is valentina

    • AsinlOveYunz.Link

    • @Parth Agarwal also this isn’t kickboxing so his power goes away on the ground, and rawdog and Moreno are great on the ground, also figeredo was submitted by Formiga

    • @Parth Agarwal well see. I call the upset with Perez winning!

    • @Young Goon Don't think either of them can handle that smoke. Figueredo is too powerful for his weight class. Same goes for Valentina. Maybe we'll need Triple C to return and get the belts from both figuerdo and Bullet Valentina! XD

    • @Tsuna X ?

  • MM by beatdown......

  • Alex Perez by knockout in Rd 4.

  • Vai cotudo meu amigo vai fimifoti vai Brasil deveso deus dagrera

  • I’d rather spend 60 bucks at Bdubs then on the PPV. Lol

    • Imagine paying for the ppv LOL

    • You don’t have a dollar to your name my guy. Quit playing!

  • Sugar show pretending to not be watching 😆

    • I think you’re mistaken him with chito vera because of the hair

  • OSS 👊🇧🇷👍

  • I say winner of this fight gets to fight Jon Jones

  • Valentina Shevchenko: “Do you want to see another dead body?”

  • But where does the goat Triple C fit into all of this?

    • AsinlOveYunz.Link

    • @93buddhi Better than calling Khabib "goat"

    • goat triple c?nice joke 😂😂😂😂😂

    • @856 ENT. lol, oh shit, my bad. He did say he wanted that belt also.

    • @Chris Alexander I said Featherweight, 145 against Volk not Flyweight

  • Hype fight ngl Deiveson is a beast 😝