Everyone Wanted to be Anderson Silva

게시일 2020. 10. 29.
Anderson Silva's place in UFC history has long been cemented. Watch the UFC and MMA legend take on Uriah Hall in the main event of UFC Vegas 12 on Saturday night.
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  • It was a shame that Weidman destroyed his connection to the matrix. He just couldn't access it after that first fight

  • win or lose, Anderson Silva will always be the goat to me... the man has always put on a show #thespider

  • Name of the Song?

  • Alain Ngalani

  • People nowadays keep argue who is the goat between gsp and jon jones. Many kids even say "khabib.is.the.goat", but they all forget how great Silva was, the man who also deserved in this conversation

  • Anderson is my favorite for sure

  • Well he is up there with Fedor, GSP, Jones and perhaps Khabib.

  • No one, no one (maybe Jones) would get to him in his prime. Godspeed to the Spyder.

  • So many fighters go out on low notes. Must be tough for a guy who saw such highs in his career.

  • The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.


  • the G. O. A. T. 4ever!

  • I don't believe this guy said she was extraordinary

  • What hasn't this guy done? I know that when someone writes a book about mma or the ufc, there is gonna be an entire chapter about Anderson Silva

  • The best forever

  • Guys, did anyone else notice this? Hall beat Anderson the exact same way Anderson beat Forrest! This link is a 15 second clip of the 2 replays. ko-u.info/losk/bidio/g6lmamahep-DZYk

    • I love anderson

    • Sad honestly

  • Habib is the best😁

  • the goat 🐐

  • Nah... He should have protected his legacy. Like GSP or Khabib. His ending was not so good...

  • Goat

  • He fought bums 😂 none that could box until the the new era look at the top 10 now or 15. They would beat silva in his prime. Facts. Since mcgregor transcended the sport and made it popular worldwide, boxers and proper kickboxers trained. Athletes. None that fought back then against silva.

  • Just don’t show the Izzy fight😳

  • The Bruce Lee of Today

  • Prime silva vs adesanya silva wins any day of the week he is the best fighter ive ever seen

  • Thank you Silva for dedicating your life to MMA. It was an absolute pleasure to watch you perform.

  • Everyone wants to be Khabib

  • what is the name of the song

  • Why would i want be a punching bag? Should have retired at the top

  • Love you from indonesia anderson My champ

  • I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life.

  • the single biggest doper in UFC history

  • He was juicing through most of his peak reign

  • I saw the same thing with fighters like Randy couture and Minotauro. They were great but took a little too long to stop. I guess the same love that makes them to train round the clock also makes them do not recognise when It is time to stop

  • What’s the name of the song?

    • Been trying to figure it out for days.

  • The narrator doesn't do this video justice. Ruins it lol

  • GOAT

  • Muchas gracias Señor Silva

  • when in his prime he was the GOAT

  • ...one more loss

  • Bullshit 💩 I didn't want to be him ...i wanted to fight him

  • Beautiful clip!

  • Anderson Silva will always be my favorite fighter bro

  • He may got old and slow, but it's hard to surpass what he has done in the ufc.. he is the GOAT for me

  • If Andersons English was as good in his prime as it is now he would have been a huge star

  • The GOAT

  • He will always be the GOAT 🐐 in my book

  • After hi fight with Cheal Sonnen, beating a roided guy like that after getting pummeled for 5 rounds, there was no doubt in my mind he is the GOAT. Beating a roided Vitor was the cherry on top.

  • 1:08 looks fake

  • Hes what actually got me into combat sports

  • Anderson "The 🕷 🕸 🕷 🕸 " Silva will go down as one of The All-Time Greats 👍 👏 Thank U for all the excellent moments & memories that your Legacy has provided for 2 Decades plus but now it is time to retire and have your Legacy live on for the Ages. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

  • *TITLE CHANGE* *Everyone WANTS to be Anderson Silva*

  • Proud to have a Brazilian on the top of the industry, proud to be brazilian 💛🇧🇷🥰

  • Legend

  • And now nobody wants..

  • G.O.A.T.


  • This is the first time watching him live. I can't wait to see one of the GOAT's fight live on Halloween! But I'm sad that he's leaving.

  • Anderson was my mentor and my go-to character on ufc undisputed 3

  • I didn't like the way he handled his loss to Adesanya, he hardly attacked and then wouldn't accept that he lost. Disappointing. Not to say he's not a great fighter though.

  • The Spider people...nobody had you holding your breath like Anderson in his prime. Everybody was gangsta till that DMX hit...

  • Spiderson Silva looking beautiful

  • Is it a rule that at the end of every 2020 UFC bout the winner of the main event has to retire?

  • Nothing but respect 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Terrible music, terrible narrator terribly.... Terrific fight.

  • UFC and MMAs own everything to our real GOAT, AdSilva. 👍😎

  • ♤♤♤

  • These new Mma nerdy fans are crazy😂fr. Khabib isn't 29-0 in UFC bruh,,he is just 13-0 in UFC with 3 title defenses whereas Anderson Silva was 16-0 in UFC with 10 Title defenses in his Prime.

  • The best thats my opinion

  • imagine if he debuted at early age at ufc.

  • He's not bad. Bit flashy.

  • If only GSP vs Silva happened in there prime 😩

  • Anderson is the Bill Russell of MMA. One of the greatest of All-Time and 🐐 at 185.

  • Best ever.

  • Silva is the GOAT not alot of fighters are on his level

  • T H E S P I D E R

  • Anderson Silva his Style is like u can't move your eyes

  • Boommmmmmmm


  • He did Griffin dirty

  • Wait. I thought Khabib was the GOAT. LOL

  • He clearly was the GOAT, I don’t think anyone can argue that but sadly his last 3 or 4 fights have been so disappointing that I think it tarnishes his greatness. I would have liked to have seen him retire years ago when he was in fact on top, unstoppable, arguably the best of all time because the last few years are just him dancing in the ring doing the opposite of what made him amazing- it’s sad to watch. If he doesn’t have any more fights on his contract I think we’ll see him retire tonight.

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  • Anderson Silva, the GOAT, he fought like noone else could. Khabib is great, but Anderson Silva in his prime was truly something else.

  • Drug cheat

  • Love the video but shouldnt have Fitzgerald voice this when I know damn well he didn’t even watch mma till mcgregor and I can jus see him reading this whole thing off paper and blatantly not genuine

  • 1. Khabib 2. GSP 3. Anderson Silva 4. Jon Jones

  • Seems like Anderson is saying goodbye with this fight..Wish great last one for him🙏🥊

  • the best to ever do it

  • Anderson "the spider" silva true legend.. Cool calm composed but lethal💪💪

  • What an amazing career it has been to watch. What a legend.

  • The real style bender is guess, better then adesenya


  • They should of had other fighters talking about him not this dude on the VO. All he's done for MMA and the UFC honors the greatest of all time like this smh... I hate how UFC " honors " their fighters who made it what it is today. I guess you don't mean much to them when you're not winning or drawing $$$... WANKERS!!!

  • Yep 😢😢😢

  • His legacy is tainted by foolish gimmick like laying down in the cage causing his lost tho. I hope he take this fight doesn't have that gimmick again

  • Uriah needs to know hes fighting an enemy and not someone he considers an "idol". Thats all that matters.

  • gsp vs silva is the match we never had

    • They say the same thing about Khabib. Only time will tell what happens with GSP's "Final Match"

  • Anderson Silva is the legend of the sport

  • His vision and accuracy was on point because of the PEDs he was taking... He ain’t special anymore without them! 😂

  • Can he make the last entrance with his Ain't no sunshine theme please. For one last time